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||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –91  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 30

Maharishi Narada speaks “ Oh! Vidhe, kindly narrate what happened to Devi Sati, the beloved consort of Lord Shiva after that heart-wrenching incident in the assembly of Dhaksha.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Mune, Devi Sati who was attired in magnificent clothing, silently moved close to the altar of fire sacrifice, and took a seat on the northern direction, closed her eyes contemplating upon the supreme Bhramam, entered into transcendental state contemplating upon that supreme Lord Mahadeva. Oh! Munishreshta, Devi Sati/Shankara Pranavallabha, diffused her Prana in the Yogagni, contemplating upon that supreme Lord Mahadeva, although she has abandoned the Prana at her own will, there was a huge turmoil took place on the Earth and sky that frightened everyone assembled. It was the wickedness of Dhaksha caused chaos in the Universe, everyone blamed Dhakshaprajapathi who has the responsibility to protect the living and non-living things became the very cause for the self-immolation of his own daughter Devi Sati, thus his enmity to Lord Shiva and settling scores against him brought an unfortunate event. The Rishis, Sages, Bhramins, and ascetics assembled were cursed Dhakshaprajapathi who compelled Jagadamba, Paramba, Bhagavathi, Jagathjanani to erase her life. The Ganas of Lord Shiva noticed the sudden chaos in the Yagashala, rushed to the place holding mighty weapons in their hands, further they fought furiously against the Rishis, sages, ascetics, Kings in the Yagashala, completely destroyed the altar and the ingredients kept for the Yaga. The people assembled were fled to different directions watching the Gana of Lord Shankara producing boisterous voices and  alarming weapons, the deities and sages were terror-stricken, the cries of people echoed in the Yagashala. Oh! Narada, some of the Ganas could not bear the grief of separation from Jagathjanani Paramba Bhagavathi Devi Sati, so they sieved off their head, there were twenty thousand of Ganas took off their lives and some of them fought viciously against the people assembled. Some of the Ganas furiously approached Daksha, the Sage Bhrighu recited Manthra to kill those Ganas and poured ghee on the Agni, and soon thousands of warriors rose form that Agni with the flame as a weapon, and fought against the Shivaganas. There was a vicious fight that took place between the Shivaganas and the warriors/Ribu, several thousand warriors and Ganas lost their lives in the battle. Lord Indra and deities,  Ashvinidevathas, Maruthganas, Rishis, Vaishvadeva, Lokapalakas, stood silent watching the fierce battle between the warriors and Ganas. The deities approached Lord Vishnu and Lord Bhrama who was already perplexed by the turn of events, Devi Satis self-immolation and the mayhem caused between the Ganas and warriors were extremely disappointing and not able to control the situation either by Lord Bhrama or Lord Vishnu. Oh! Mune, I have described all those unfortunate events took place in the Yaga of Daksha due to his arrogance and enmity to Lord Shiva.”

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||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –90  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 29

Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Sutha, Devi Dhakshayani along with Ganas cheerfully moved towards the palace of Dhaksha, she found there were several deities, Asura, Rishis, and Sages present in the Yagashala, it was decorated magnificently, there were several thousand people, and Kings from neighboring countries were present to witness the grand Yaga. Devi Sati entered in the Yagashala, Nandi stood at the entry of the Yagashala, and there was no one to accompany Devi Sati or receive her or offer a seat to her, soon Mother Asikni and her sisters spotted Devi Sati, they immediately rushed to her and expressed their delight. Dhakshaprajapathi noticed Devi Dhakshayani all alone; he ignored her completely and kept himself busy with the Yaga proceedings. The attendants of Dhaksha did not offer salutation to Devi Sati due to the fear of their Master. Oh! Mune, Devi Sati stood all alone in the grand Yagashala, humiliated by her father and his attendants. Devi Sati offered salutation to parents and withdrawn to Yagashala, there she found oblation kept aside for Lord Hari and deities, also found there was no oblation kept for Rudra/Rudrabhaga, she could not control anger. Devi Sati looked at her father, her eyes were reddened with anger, spoke to him “You have not invited Parameshwara who is highly auspicious sanctifies the whole Universe with his presence. You have not kept the Rudrabhaga for that supreme Lord Mahadeva, you have not invited him to attend the Yaga or did not keep the Rudrabhaga, you have been disrespectful to that supreme Lord Mahadeva who symbolizes Yajja, Yajjanga and the performer of Yajja, the mere remembrance of his sacred names would purify the Jeeva, you cannot achieve fruitfulness of the Yaga in his absence. That supreme Lord Mahadeva represents Dhravya, Manthra, Havya, Kavyam of Yajja, how could you accomplish success in the Yajja without his presence? Oh! Janakadhama, you have humiliated that supreme Lord Mahadeva, you have considered him as a demigod; you have lost your good wisdom. You do not know the supremacy of Lord Mahadeva over Lord Vishnu and Lord Bhrama, the three are inseparable represents that Lord Shiva who is highly propitious. It is surprising to witness the presence of Lord Bhrama and Lord Vishnu, Sages, and Rishis in the absence of Lord Shiva.”


Devi Sati speaks to Lord Vishnu, Lord Bhrama, and Indra “Oh! Hari, you are aware of the splendor of Saguna and Nirguna Swaroopa of Lord Mahadeva, was eulogized by Veda and Vedantha, hope you remember those incidents that took place during the battle with your enemies like Salava, and got protected by Lord Shiva, even after all these, you did not understand the mightiness of that supreme Lord, and attended the Yaga without that Lord Maheshwara. Oh! Hari, Lord Bhrama who is five faced, lost one head due to his arrogance, do you still remember that incident? Oh! Indra, you are thoroughly aware of the prowess of Mahadeva, who performs even the impossible tasks, reduced your weapon Vajra into dust. Oh! Deities, you all have forgotten that benevolent Mahadeva, Oh! Rishis and Sages, Oh! Atri, Oh! Vashishta, do you remember the incident Lord Mahadeva was begging for alms in Darukavana, you have cursed him, eventually, he destroyed the living and non-living things in the world, how could you forget that incident? Oh! Deities, Rishis and Sages, you all have committed a grave sin by attending the Yaga without that supreme Lord Mahadeva who is the essence of Veda and Vedantha, he is beyond description.” All the deities, Rishis and Sages stood their head hung down in utter shame at the passionate words of Devi Sati. Daksha got infuriated and spoke haughtily to Devi Sati “Oh! Bhadhre, you have already spoken too much in the assembly of deities, remember that you are not invited to attend the Yaga, what is that made you visit here?  You are an uninvited guest, hence you can leave now. Your consort Shiva is inauspicious, first of all, he is not from the revered clan, do not know even his parents, he is the Lord of spirit, and spend hours in their association. Oh! Putri, he does not have a manner to keep him presentable before others,  he has matted hair locks, adorned in serpent as ornaments, a garland of the skull, and Rudraksha, smeared in ashes, hence I do not want his presence in the middle of deities and Rishis. I have given you in marriage without thinking about all these; I have performed it at the command of my father Lord Bhrama, any way you have arrived in the Yaga, receive the share of the oblation and leave.” Devi could not control her rage; she looked at Dhaksha in extreme hatred and thought “How did I go back to that Lord Mahadeva? How did I explain these derisive comments of my father? How did I explain these humiliating experiences to him?”


Devi Sati weighed down with various emotions of hatred and grief, spoke to Dhaksha “Whoever listens or pronounce those derisive comments about that Lord Mahadeva would hurl to the hell and remain there till the end of the Universe. Oh! Thatha, I have decided to abandon the body you have given me, after listening to the contemptuous comment about my husband, it is not worth living with this body. The intellectuals say that if the listener is so powerful, he/she should cut off the tongue of the person, who makes derisive comments of that Lord, and purify himself.  If the listener is helpless and weak, he/she should leave the place with ears closed to those derisive comments.” Devi Dhakshayani was deeply wounded by the harsh words of Dhaksha, moved to the blazing fire; she thought of Lord Shiva and his advice and shed tears of extreme grief. Devi Sati with tears overflowing furiously spoke “You all have been mean to Lord Shambhu, and you all will repent for the grave sin committed to Lord Mahadeva, you all will face the consequence of your wicked deeds. You have been disrespectful to that supreme Lord who is the remover of sins of the Jeeva, with the mere utterance of his names.  The supreme Lord Mahadeva is sought after by the honey-bee like noble souls, take shelter at his lotus feet, they constantly contemplate upon that supreme Lord, they engage in the constant service at His lotus feet. He is compassionate Lord showers an abundance of boons to his worshiper, he lives on the funeral grounds, he has disheveled hair, he wanders with the spirits and ghosts, he wears the garland of the skull, smear ashes all over the body. Even though, all the deities bow their head before that supreme Lord and adore the dust from his feet on their head. The learned describes the Pravriththi Marga and Nivriththimarga, but that supreme Lord Shiva is beyond all those, he is pure, unblemished, and free from afflictions. Oh! Father, you have been too arrogant and ignorant, you have humiliated that supreme Lord Mahadeva, you have been too wicked, and so I have no use of this body you have given me. It is shameful to take birth in a family where there is no respect for that supreme Lord Mahadeva. The wise will not tolerate the insult, it is better to end the relationship with you. If I may return to that Lord, he may address me Dhakshayani, I could not bear to hear it, it would rupture my heart even more, and hence it is proper to discard the body you have given in birth. Oh! Deities and Sages, you all have been disrespectful to that Lord; hence you have to face the terrible consequences of it, definite that you will undergo the punishment of your sin.” Devi Sati stood before the blazing fire, with folded hands contemplating upon that supreme Lord Mahadeva.


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||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –89  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 28

Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Mune, I have already described the list of guests arrived to participate the Yaga of Dhaksha. In the meantime, Devi Sati who was engaged in the various amusements with her female attendants in the Mount Gandhamadhana noticed several celestial vehicles and palanquin on the sky, Devi Sati greeted Lord Chandra and Rohini who were traveling to attend the Yaga, she conveyed her regard through her female attendant Vijaya, and enquired about their visit. Lord Chandra and Rohini informed their visit to participate in the grand Yaga of Dhakshaprajapathi. Devi Kalika was surprised for not inviting to attend the grand Yaga which is in progress in her parental house, she immersed in various thoughts, ‘Devi Virani and Dhaksha are my parents, why did not they invite me and Lord Shambhu to attend the Yaga? Have they completely forgotten me as their daughter? I have to find out the reason from Lord Shiva.” Devi Sati returned to Lord Shiva who was in the assembly of Ganas, he was surrounded by Nadikeshwara and numerous Ganas. Lord Shiva was surprised to see Devi Sati, greeted her with respect, and began to speak in pleasant words “Oh! Devi, what was the reason for your sudden arrival at the assembly? Kindly tell me about the purpose of your arrival so that I can clarify your doubts.”  Devi Sati prostrated before the supreme Lord Mahadeva and spoke to him with folded hands “Oh! Bhagavan, I have come to know that there is a grand Yaga taking place in my parents’ home, there are several deities and Rishis already present in the Yaga, Oh! Prabho, why you did not take part in the Yaga in my parental home? Is there any specific reason should I know about it? Kindly clear my doubts. Oh! Mahadeva, keeping good terms with the relatives and friends are part of our Dharma and it would deepen the bondage in the families, Oh! Prabho, kindly accept my request to attend the Yaga in my parental home, kindly accompany me to take part in it.” Lord Maheshwara spoke “Oh! Devi, your father is not on good terms with me, he considers me as an enemy to him, the deities and Rishis present in the Yaga are besieged with the Maya of mine. Oh! Devi, it is not an auspicious thing to visit a house without invitation; it would bring humiliation worse than that of death, even if he is Lord Indra. Hence, we should avoid that kind of visit, Oh! Priye, it is good that we both did not make a visit to Daksha. I shall tell you the truth the harsh words could cause deeper wounds, than the physical attack. The noble souls with six-fold virtues and Vidhya are often gets wounded from the wicked people, we should not give a chance to get humiliated or put others into trouble to attain misfortune with their act of arrogance.” Devi Sati was not convinced with the advice of Lord Mahadeva, she enquired in an impatient manner “ Oh! Sahmbho, Oh! Akhileshwara, you are the Lord of Lords, your presence is compulsory to make the Yaga successful, it was my father’s ridiculous act that he did not invite you to attend on this auspicious occasion, his ignorance overruled his wisdom, Oh! Bhava, Oh! Maheshwara, I am the daughter of that Dhakshaprajapathi, I have understood my father’s arrogance, Oh! Prabho, kindly give me permission to attend the Yaga.” The supreme Lord Mahadeva who is Sarvajja, was already envisioned the results of the Yaga, advised Devi Sati in a soft tone to change her decision was failed. Lord Mahadeva spoke “Oh! Suvrathe, if you have already decided to go to your parental home and it is that you desire and feels the right thing, kindly proceed with my permission. You can attend the Yaga, the celestial bull is at your service, and the Ganas and Nandikeshwara will accompany you.” Thus, Lord Shiva immersed in deep meditation, Devi Sati mounted on the celestial bull which was decorated in a grand manner, with umbrellas, Chamaras, and various ornaments and preceded to the Kingdom of Dhaksha, she was accompanied by sixty thousand Ganas who were highly enthusiastic, singing and dancing followed Jaganmatha, Jagathjanani, Paramba, Bhagavathi.  The illustrious Ganas Vamadeva accompanied Jaganmatha were singing in praise of Lord Shiva and Devi Sati cheerfully continued their journey, in the meantime the festivities in the palace of Dhaksha were in progress. Oh! Narada, Thus the mother of the Universe, Jagadambika mounted on the celestial bull, followed by numerous Ganas, singing in praise of glorious legends of Lord Mahadeva, journeyed to the place of Yaga, the three worlds cheered in joy watching Jagadamba gracefully moving with the Ganas.”




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||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –88  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 27

Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Mune, once Dhakshaprajapathi has begun the proceedings of a huge Yajja and invited all the deities, Rishis and Sages to perform the Yajja. The Rishis and Sages who were besieged by the Shivamaya  participated in the Yajja were Sage Bhrighu, Agasthya, Kashyapa, Athri, Vamadeva, Dhadhichi, Vyasa, Bharadhvaja, Gautam, Paila, Parashara, Garga, Bhargav, Kakubha, Sita, Sumanthu, Thrika, Vaishampayana, and various illustrious Rishis, and there were Sages with their wives gathered to witness the Yajja.  There were Suragana, Lokapala with their attendants were assembled to participate in the Yajja. I was reverentially invited from the Sathyaloka to attend the Yajja, I have participated in the Yajja with my mind-born sons and consorts, and Veda assumed divine forms and reached in the Yajja arena. Lord Vishnu was reverentially invited from  Sri Vaikunda, arrived with consorts and Parshadhas. All the deities, Rishis and Sages, assembled were reverentially greeted by Dhaksha, and offered seats to them. There was a huge marvelous Mandapa erected by Vishwakarma for the audience to be seated, and grand thrones were installed for the deities. The Yajja was conducted on the banks of sacred Theertha in Kankahala, and the performer of Yajja was Sage Bhrighu, the preceptor of Dhaksha and illustrious Rishis including myself. Lord Vishnu was the presiding deity of the Yajja, present with Maruthganas. I have been appointed as the chief priest of Vedic rites. The Lokapalas were the guardians of the Yajja arena, equipped with various arms, were surrounded by their attendants. The Yajja proceedings have begun, Yajjadeva invoked with the Vedic chants, the oblations to the deities were offered by Dhaksha with his consort, eighty-six thousand priests/Rithvik performed the offerings to the fire, the priests of four branches of Veda performed offerings in the sacrificial fire. There were Yaksha, Gandharva, Vidhyadharas, Siddhas, Adithyas, and Naga present in the Yajja, there were twice-born of the Kingdom, royal priests, Kings of neighboring Kingdom and ministers, Ashtavasus, were present as guests of Daksha. The grand Yajja Mandapa was decorated in a sophisticated manner, Dhaksha and his consort initiated the proceedings of Yajja, suddenly something flashed in my mind, understood that he did not invite that supreme Lord Mahadeva, considered Kapali is not deserved to accept the oblations of the Yajja. Daksha who has wicked nature did not even consider inviting his dearest daughter Devi Sati, as she has chosen Lord Shiva as her wedded husband.”

The Yajja proceedings were in progress, Sage Dhadhichi noticed the absence of Lord Mahadeva among the trinities, became nervous and spoke “Oh! Rishis, and Sages, listen to me, why Lord Mahadeva has not presented in the Yajja? All the deities, Lokapalas, Rishis and Sages have arrived in the Yajja, all must have forgotten the significance of Yajja, without the presence of Mahadeva no Yajja would achieve fruitful results, the supreme Lord Mahadeva, Vrishadhvaja, Neelagala/bluish throat is not present in the Yajja, he is the provider of fruitful results at the accomplishment of Yajja is eternal Purusha, he is the source of the functioning of the Universe and its living beings, if the Purana Purusha is not present in the Yajja, it would not be auspicious. Oh! Daksha, the five-faced supreme Lord Mahadeva who has Surya, Chandra, and Agni as three eyes on each face is the purifier of souls, and sanctify the places in his presence. Oh! Daksha, you should apologize to that mighty Lord, go along with Lord Vishnu and Bhrama, and reverentially invite that supreme Lord Mahadeva to present in the Yajja. He should be brought to the Yajja Mandapa by Lord Indra, Lokapalaka, Siddhas, and twice-born. Oh! Daksha, listen to me, go to the abode of Lord Mahadeva and invite Devi Sati and the Lord, and then only the Yajja would get purified. He is supreme Lord, uttering his sacred names would bring an abundance of piousness, and bring success to all the endeavors, I am pronouncing the truth, without the presence of that supreme Lord Mahadeva, the Yajja would remain incomplete. Hence, make all efforts to bring Devi Sati and Lord Mahadeva to attendant this grand Yajja, if you want successful completion of it.”


Lord Bhrama speaks to Narada “ Oh! Sutha, Dhaksha haughtily laughed listening to the advice of Sage Dhadhichi, Lord Vishnu who is the essence of Veda and Vedanta, and I was present with Agama and Vedas, mind-born sons, along with all those deities, Rishis, Sages, Siddhas,  Lord Indra, Yaksha, Kinnagara, Uraga, Gandharvas were present, except Lord Shiva and Devi Sati. Daksha arrogantly spoke “I have invited Lord Vishnu who is the essence of Veda, and Lord Bhrama, all the deities, Rishis, Siddhas, Sages, Lokapalakas, a large number of twice-born as my guests. You all are scholarly, profound in Vedic rites, and capable to make the Yajja fruitful, so what’s the need of Rudra in this Yajja? I have given Devi Sati to that Rudra in marriage at the advice of Lord Bhrama. Oh! Twice-born, Lord Rudra belongs to an unknown clan and his parents, he is the Lord of spirit/Bhoothaganas, and wanders with them, engages in Tapasya for several years, lives in the funeral ground, smear ashes all over the body, adorn in Mundamala, he is arrogant and Mauni. He is not fit to participate in a grand Yajja like this, so I did not invite him. Hence, there is no need to discuss this matter again, continue to perform the Yajja, and make it successful.”


Lord Bhrama speaks to Narada “Oh! Narada, there was a huge argument rose in the middle of the Yajja proceedings, Rishis and Sages assembled did not heed to the words of Daksha. Sage Dhadhichi uttered in anger “Oh! Daksha, Lord Mahadeva is the Yajjapurusha, he is Lord of Yajja, he is the essence of Yajja and fruitful completion of it, you have been arrogant to that benevolent Lord Mahadeva, and therefore you are destined to face your ruin.” Thus, Dhadhichi walked out of the Yajjamandapa, soon, he was followed by a group of Rishis and Sages poured curse on Dhaksha and walked out of the Mandapa. Daksha boisterously laughed and spoke “It is good that those Sages and Rishis left the Mandapa, I did not even wish their presence, and these kinds of ascetics should not be included in the auspicious Vedic rites. Oh! Lord Vishnu and twice-born, kindly proceed with the Yajja and make it successful.” Oh! Vathsa, the Sages assembled were besieged with the Maya of that supreme Lord Shiva, began the Yajja proceedings. Oh! Mune, I have already described the beginning of the grand Yajja of Dhaksha, I shall narrate the destruction of the Yajja as well.”

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||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –87  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 26

Yajjoaham Yajjakarmaham Yajjangani Cha Sarvasha: | Yajjathma Yajjaniratho Yajjabhahyoahameva Vai||


Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Mune, once all the Sages and Rishis assembled in the sacred land of Prayagraj and performed a grand Yagna, there were several deities, Siddhas, Rishis and Sages, Prajapathi, Lord Bhrama present in the Yagna. I have attended with my disciples who represents Agama and Nigamashasthras, a grand ceremony was organized, a large number of people throng from various places on the Earth. In the meantime, there were discussions and debates on the subjects of Dharma, Shashthra, Puranas, Veda, and Vedantha. The supreme Lord Mahadeva who is the creator of the Universe and its living beings and provider of auspiciousness to the three worlds arrived along with Devi Sati and the Ganas. All the deities, Rishis and Sages assembled eulogized Lord Mahadeva and Devi Sati and offered salutations, and everyone took seats on their throne provided. Shortly, Dhakshaprajapathi arrived in the Yagnashala enthusiastically, all the deities, Rishis and Sages offered salutations with folded hands, Dhaksha arrogantly took a seat near to me, without offering salutation to me. Lord Shiva who was immersed in the ‘Athmaramam’ did not rise from his seat or offered salutation to him, which was much anticipated by Dhaksha from his son-in-law. It roused anger in Dhaksha, felt humiliated by his own son-in-law, the ignorant Dhaksha looked at Shiva and spoke in extreme fury “All the deities, Rishis, Sages, and demons were offered obeisance and raised from their seats at my arrival, how did the person who is surrounded by Ganas/spirits, not shown reverence to me? He is extremely arrogant and acting like an insane, living in the funeral grounds, shameless, engages in Tapasya for several thousands of years, accompanied by spirits, remains in a state of bliss/Athmarama, he is ignorant of rites and customary practices. He is not a real Yogi, he is fooling everyone, he is in the association of wicked and impure people, he has been disrespectful to a twice-born; he has nothing other than Tapasya to keep himself active, and performs various amusements with his consort. Therefore I have decided to expel Rudra from all the performances of religious and spiritual rites, as he lives in the funeral grounds, living with the impure people, he is not charming like the other deities, he has no knowledge of his clan or parents, he is not deserved to receive the Rudrabhaga/oblations from the fire sacrifices.”


The arrogant words of Daksha were disliked by the Rishis and Sages, all of them kept quiet, but Nadhishwara could not control his anger uttered loudly “Oh! Shata, Oh! Mahamooda, Oh! Daksha, Oh! Dhushtamathe, you have uttered disrespectful words about my master the supreme Lord Mahadeva. How could you so cruel to him? He is the Lord of Yajja, he is the cause for the successful completion of Yajja, he is the provider of fruitful results of Yajja, he is the provider of piousness and auspiciousness, he is the purifier of souls and Theertha, how could you become so mean to that Lord? Oh! Dhurmathe, you have disqualified Lord Shiva to receive the oblations from the fire sacrifices, you are inconsiderate, and you have mocked at him with your unpardonable comment. Oh! Brahmana Adhama, the supreme Lord Mahadeva is the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the Universe at the end of Kalpa. You have misbehaved to that mighty Lord Mahadeva.”


Daksha speaks “Oh! Nadikeshwara, listen to me, you have spoken extremely shameful words to me, therefore all the attendants of Lord Shiva also removed from receiving oblations from fire sacrifices, and all the Vedic rites. You have no respect for people and you have no good manners. The Ganas takes immense pleasure in the intoxicating spirituous drinks have no sense of wearing clothes or to present them clean before others, with their huge matted hair locks, and smeared in ashes all over the body, adorned in bones and skulls as ornaments, you all are disgusting.”


Nandhishwara spoke “Oh! Dhurbudhdhe, Oh! Shata, Oh! Daksha, you have been disrespectful to that supreme Lord Mahadeva, without knowledge of Shivathaththva, you have poured out sarcastic comments on the Ganas of that Lord, you are ignorant, and you have no knowledge of the highest of the philosophies.” The Sage Bhrigu who is the preceptor of Dhaksha and others laughed at the Ganas and Lord Shiva, uttered disrespectful comments on them. Nadhishwara could not bear the insult of Lord Shiva, pronounced a curse upon Dhaksha with the influence of the Maya of the Lord “Oh! Daksha, Oh! Dhurmathe, listen to me carefully, you will not achieve the supreme wisdom even after several discussions on the supreme philosophy, you will not have the knowledge of Veda. Oh! Vipra, you will remain ignorant, due to the influence of the powerful Maya of that Lord, you will remain drenched in  Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Madha, Moha and Mathshcharya, you will perform Karma desirous of heavenly pleasures, the Bhramin/twice-born would forget the Vedic way of living, and live a pathetic life in extreme poverty. These twice-born would earn wealth in immoral means, and selling their knowledge, it would heave them to hell, and some of them would remain Bhramarakshass. The Jeeva who considers the Lord Mahadeva as an ordinary Jeeva would bring inauspiciousness to them; these types of depraved Jeeva cannot achieve Gnanathaththva. Your haughtiness would pave the way to your destruction, you will perform deeds to bring inauspiciousness to you, soon you will have the face of a goat, and you will be thrown out from the superior birthright of twice-born.” Suddenly the entire Yagnashala became disorderly, huge arguments and word fight exploded, Sage and Rishis, and the deities assembled were engaged in conflicts, Lord Bhrama took all the initiative to bring peace to the situation, advised Sage Bhrigu who is the preceptor of the Dhaksha to keep the atmosphere serene and avoid arguments with each other.”


After witnessing the whole scenario, the compassionate Lord Sadhashiva spoke to Nandhikeshwara “Oh! Nandhin, Oh! Mahaprajja, you have committed a grave sin, you have cursed a twice-born. Athman/Jeeva initiated from the Paramathma is the essence of Veda, the sacred syllables, and the sacred texts. You should not have pronounced a curse against anyone, the knowledge of Veda provides the knowledge of ‘self’, twice-born are profound in Veda should not be cursed. Oh! Nandhi, you have profound knowledge in the supreme Bhramam, you have imparted the highest of the knowledge to the illustrious Sanakadhis, therefore keep yourself calm. Oh! Nandhi, I am that Yajja, I am the performer of Yajja, I am that Yajjagni, I am the ingredients of Yajja, I am that oblations to Yajja, I am the provider of the fruits of Yajja, I am that all-pervasive supreme Bhramam. You have the knowledge of that all-pervasive Bhramam, you have become unfair to twice-born. Oh! Nandhi, leave your anger, Oh! Mahabudhdhe, contemplate upon me, leave your anguish.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “ Oh! Vathsa, thus the benevolent Lord Mahadeva brought back the serenity in the atmosphere, advised Nandhi to leave his resentment against Dhaksha, soon Nandhi realized the supreme Thaththva, and become quiet and serene, Lord Shiva with all those Ganas returned to their abode. Daksha with all those twice-born angrily returned to his palace. Daksha was completely barred from the supreme knowledge and devotion to Lord Shiva. Oh! Mune, I have detailed the unfair incident took place before the Daksha Yaga. I shall narrate the incidents that have taken place at the time of a grand Yaga of Dhaksha .”

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Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 25


||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –86  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 25


Lord Rama speaks to Devi Sati “Oh! Devi, once the supreme Lord Mahadeva invited Vishwakarma who is an eminent architect of deities and ordered him to build a beautiful palace.  Soon a magnificent palace was built near the Dhenushala/cowshed and an attractive gem-studded throne were positioned in the grand hall, adorned with the statues of lions, the throne was decorated with colorful Chathram, and the portrait of Ganesha imprinted on it. Lord Shambhu invited all the deities and Lord Indra with their consorts, Siddhas, Gandharvas, celestial Apsaras, Naga, preceptors, Rishis, and Sages, arrived with various gifts. Sixteen Kanyakas/little girls were reverentially received by the deities, Rishis, Sages, Sidhdhas, and Nagas. There were divine musical instruments echoed in the atmosphere, there were huge celebrations were organized, huge verities of herbs and auspicious ingredients were procured for the performance of Vedic rite, five pots of water from the sacred Theertha was collected, the whole atmosphere reverberated with the Vedic chants. Lord Mahadeva meditated upon Lord Vishnu and invited him to take part in the festivities, was received with great reverence and delight, the magnificent throne in the Bhramandamandapa was offered to Lord Vishnu.  The deities adorned him with a marvelous crown, and Lord Mahadeva delightfully performed the ablution of Lord Vishnu with the Theertha collected from the sacred rivers. Further, various precious gifts were offered to Lord Vishnu.  The supreme Lord Mahadeva who is independent and subservient to his devotees, spoke to Lord Bhrama and the deities “Oh! Deities and Sages, Lord Hari is Lokesha, he will perform the task of preservation of the Universe and its living beings, therefore, we all should abide by the rules and regulations implemented by Lord Hari, even though the sacred Veda eulogizes me and Lord Hari as the commander of Universe and its living beings; we shall offer salutation to that supreme Lord Hari.”


Rama speaks “Oh! Devi, thus Lord Rudra and deities offered salutation to that Lord Garudadhvaja who was highly pleased with the gestures of the deities and Rudra, offered various boons to them.  Further, Lord Bhrama, deities, Rishis and Sages, prostrated before Lord Hari and eulogized him.”


Mahesha speaks “Oh! Bhagavan, Oh! Jagadheesha, Oh! Jagathpoojya, you are the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the Universe and its living beings, you are the purifier of souls, and you are the provider of Dharma, Artha, and the Kama to the Jeeva. Oh! Mahabalaparakrama, you are worshiped by all; you are valorous and unconquerable in the battlefields, Oh! Bhagavan kindly accepts the Shakthithrayam from me, you will be performing various passionate sports for the welfare of the universe and its living beings, and your glorious myth will be praised in the three worlds. Oh! Vishno, I shall promise you to destroy your enemies, and liberate your passionate devotees. Oh! Bhagavan, kindly accept the Maya who is so powerful and unconquerable in the three worlds. Oh! Hari, there is no difference between you and me, Lord Bhrama initiated from my right limb and you are the creator of the lotus born Bhramam, you will be the preserver and I am Rudra will perform the task of the deluge at the end of Yuga.  You are worshiped by all of us. Oh! Hari, kindly carry out the function of protection of the Universe residing in this magnificent abode built near the Dhenushala, and perform various passionate sports and assume numerous forms at intervals. This magnificent abode would be known as Goloka, which will have all the auspiciousness and fortune, all your incarnations would speak and praise by my devotees, with the grace of me.”  Lord Rama speaks to Devi Sati “Oh! Devi, Thus Lord Mahadeva who is Umapathi offered an abundance of fortune to Lord Hari and left to the secluded place in Mount Kailash with all his attendants. Further, Lakshmisha/Lakshmipathi, Lord Vishnu personified as a cowherd in the Goloka, he is the Lord of cows, cowherds, and young maiden of cowherds performed various amusements in the Goloka. Lord Vishnu assumed various forms to protect the Universe and its living beings, at the command of Lord Shiva. I have assumed the form of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, Shathrughna at the instruction of that Lord Shiva to protect the noble souls and the Universe. Oh! Devi Sati, I have arrived in the Dhandakaranya as a promise to my father, King Dharashatha of Ayodhya. Devi Sita, Lakshmana accompanied with me to the forest, unfortunately, Devi Sita was abducted by a demon, we are in search for her, I am confident that your presence and compassionate grace would bring auspiciousness and welfare to us. It is certain that we will locate Devi Sita and win over the demon, we both are highly fortunate, we have met you here in the dense forest and have a word with you.” Lord Rama and Lakshmana repeatedly prostrated before the virtuous Devi Sati and proceeded to the dense wood. Goddess Sati was immensely pleased with the devotion of Rama to Lord Mahadeva, she meditated upon the lotus feet of Parameshwara, felt ashamed of her disbelief in the words of Parameshwara, she was extremely distressed, could not control tears, and returned to Lord Shiva who was seated under the shade of Banyan tree, while returning, Devi Sita thought “I have committed a grave sin by disbelieving Lord Parameshwara, I did not trust the words of Parameshwara, thought ill of Rama who was lamenting like an ordinary Jeeva in the forest, at the grief of separation from his dearest consort Devi Sita. What would I say to Lord Shiva?” she was extremely disappointed at her behavior, returned to Lord Shiva, and prostrated before him. Lord Shiva enquired her about the test on Rama, but she was quiet, frightened to reveal the truth before him, she felt extremely painful and shattered in her conduct.  The Mahayogi immersed in Dhyana and understood all that happened with Devi Sati, and the conversation took place with Lord Rama. The protector of Dharma, Lord Mahadeva took a vow in his heart, instantly abandoned Devi Sati from his thoughts. The supreme Lord Mahadeva who is the essence of Veda, dispassionate to worldly matters and bondage, abandoned Devi Sati and protected the Dharma/vow. Devi Sati and Lord Parameshwara returned to Himalaya, in utter silence, Bhagavan did not reveal the promise he has taken to Devi Sati. Soon, a divine voice heard in the sky “Oh! Parameshana, you are an excellent Yogi, you are Mahayogi, you are Mahaprabhu, and no one can excel the virtues of you. Oh! Prabho, you have taken a great promise to protect the Dharma.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Narada, the divine voice caught the attention of Devi Sati and enquired about the ‘promise’ of Lord Shiva was not revealed to her. The compassionate Lord Mahadeva did not reveal the ‘vow’ he has taken in the presence of Lord Vishnu at the time of marriage with Devi Sati. Shortly, Devi Sati undertook meditation and found that the supreme Yogi and her dearest consort Lord Mahadeva has abandoned her heartily, it pushed her into deep distress. The supreme Lord Mahadeva understood Devi Sati is ashamed and completely shattered at the consequence of disbelieving the Paramthma, soon he began to describe marvelous legends to cheer her. Lord Mahadeva undertook Yogasana for several years in mount Kailash, during this period of time; Devi Sati spent days in extreme agony and grief in his absence. Oh! Mahamune, Lord Mahadeva, and Devi Sati spend several years in meditation and austerities, Lord Shiva describes marvelous legends from the scriptures to Devi Sati who was seated as a disciple in front of him. Thus, the benevolent Lord lived with Devi Sati and well protected his vow, some say that Lord Shiva separated Devi Sati from him, how it would be possible? It was a sport of that supreme Lord and his female Shakthi which is beyond perception. Shiva and Shakthi are inseparable, like the words and their meanings.”


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||Om Nama: Shivaya||


Chapter –85  – Rudra Samhitha/Sati Khanda – 24


Maharishi Narada speaks “ Oh! Bhraman, Oh! Vidhe, Oh! Prajanatha, Oh! Kripakara, Oh! Mahaprajja, you have brilliantly explained the legend of Lord Mahadeva and Devi Sati which provides an abundance of piousness kindly continue to describe the various sports of the divine couple.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Mune, you are the fortunate one, you have enthusiastically listened to those glorious legends of Lord Mahadeva and Devi Sati. I have heard from the illustrious Sages spoke about that Mahadevi who is inseparable from the Lord has to undergo the pain of separation from the Lord. Shiva and Shakthi are inseparable, then how could they get separated? The divine couple sported like an ideal Grihastha had to separate from each other. Devi Sati had to self-immolate in the Yogagni in a grand Yaga of her father Dhakshaprajapathi, who humiliated the supreme Lord Mahadeva. Further, Devi Sati took birth as Devi Parvathi, the daughter of Mount Himavan and undertook severe austerities and penances, ultimately achieved the supreme Lord Mahadeva as her wedded husband.”


Maharishi Narada speaks “Oh! Vishnushishya, Oh! Mahabhaga, Oh! Vidhe, kindly narrate the cause for the differences between Lord Shiva and Devi Sati, why did that Lord Mahadeva who is inseparable from his consort, full of love for Devi Sati abandoned her? How did he separate from Devi Sati who was dear to his life? Why did Dhakshaprajapathi humiliate Lord Shiva? What was that compelled Devi Sati to sacrifice her in the Yoga Agni? What happened to Lord Mahadeva after this tragic incident? Kindly narrate all that to me; I am eager to listen about all those incidents.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Thatha, Oh! Narada, you are best among the learned and dearest to me. I shall narrate the glorious legend of Lord Mahadeva and Devi Sati; you can be seated among those illustrious Sages and listen to me carefully. I shall offer my humble salutation to Lord Vishnu and all the deities and Sages who worship Lord Mahadeva, I shall narrate the glorious myths of that supreme Bhramam Lord Mahadeva who has Saguna and Nirgunaswaroopa. He is inseparable from Devi Sati, he is supreme Bhramam, he is Eshwara resides as a soul in living beings, he is Gireesha who is worshiped by deities, Lord Vishnu, Sages and Rishis, Siddhas, and Sanakadhis. The serpent Anantha sings in praise of that supreme Lord Mahadeva, who represents the highest of the philosophies, all-pervasive Bhramam. Once, Lord Mahadeva and Sati mounted on the celestial bull and conducted a journey all over the Earth, arrived in the dense forest of Dhandakaranya. Bhagavan introduced the dense and beautiful forest of Dhandakaranya to Devi Sati. In the meantime, Lord Sri Ramachandra along with Lakshman was in rigorous search of Devi Sita in the forest, without the knowledge of Ravana abducted Devi Sita. Lord Rama who was desperate, in extreme agony and pain of separation from his wife, moved through the dense forest, enquiring the trees, creepers, birds, watercourses, animals, etc. the whereabouts of Devi Sita. Rama was utterly grieving over the separation from his beloved wife, portrayed himself as an ordinary human being, and forgot of his birth in the illustrious clan of Raghu, born in the clan of Surya Dynasty, as a son to the valorous Emperor Dhasharatha and elder brother to Bharatha, Lakshman, and Shatrughana. The compassionate Lord Shiva offered humble salutation, cheering ‘Hail to that Lord Sri Ramachandra” who was walking all over the dense wood of Dhandakaranya in search of Devi Sita. Suddenly, Devi Sati took notice of Lord Shiva who was reverentially greeting Lord Rama, and she was completely surprised by this act and began to speak “Oh! Devadeva, Oh! Parambhrama, Oh! Sarvesha, Oh! Parameshwara, you are the Lord of Lords, all the deities serve you and offer their humble salutation. You are eulogized by Veda and Vedantha, all the Sidhdhas and Sages contemplate upon you and undertake extreme penances to achieve you, and you are Paramaprabhu who is beyond attributes. Oh! Bhagavan, these two youths are looking miserable to me, grieving over the separation of someone close to their heart, and they are in search of their lost one in the forest. The one youth has beautiful cloud complexion, lotus-like eyes, I have a doubt to clarify with you, and who is he? Whom do you offer salutation? Oh! Shankara, kindly remove my qualms, I have not seen the Master offer obeisance to servants, and you did that.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “ Devi Adi shakti, Sathi, ShivA, Parameshwari, who was completely besieged in the Shivamaya.  Devi Sathi who is an inseparable female force, Parameshwari was overpowered by the Maya of that Lord enquired the reason for offering salutation to Lord Rama who is the son of Emperor Dhasharatha of Ayodhya. Bhagavan Parameshwara understood the dilemma of Devi Sati, smilingly replied to her “Oh! Devi Sati, Oh! Priye, listen to me carefully, I have offered salutation to that Paramathma Parambhramam  Lord Vishnu who was incarnated in the illustrious clan of Raghu, as the son of Dhasharatha, the elder one is Rama who has dark cloud complexion, the younger brother is Lakshmana who is the personification of Adishesha. They have personified on the Earth for the protection of noble souls and welfare of the Universe and its people.” Lord Shiva immersed in deep silence, but Devi Sati could not understand the truth behind it, because she was completely under the clutches of powerful Maya of the Lord that does not spare the three worlds. The supreme Lord Mahadeva understood the strange situation of Devi Sati, and spoke “Oh! Priye, Oh! Devi, I have understood that you are not convinced with my answers, if you want you can take a test on that Paramathma Parambhramam personified as Rama, kindly proceed to test him with your knowledge. All I want you should get cleared your qualms.” Lord Shiva quietly moved towards a Banyan tree, took a seat beneath it and immersed in meditation.”


Lord Bhrama speaks “Oh! Vathsa, Devi Sati proceeds at the command of Lord Shiva to test Rama, but she was all confused about how to conduct a test on Rama? She has decided to assume the form of Devi Sita and approach Rama so that she could understand the real nature of him. Devi Sati who was already besieged under the Maya of Lord Mahadeva assumed the form of Devi Sita and appeared before Rama.  Rama took notice of Devi Sati and spoke “Oh! Devi, Oh! Maheshani, why are you alone in the dense forest? Where is Lord Mahadeva? Why did you assume the form of Devi Sita? What was the reason behind it?”. Devi Sati was taken aback and lost consciousness for a while, listening to the kind words of Lord Rama, immediately she was plunged into a deep sense of guilt and shame. Devi Sati assumed her real form and offered salutation to Lord Vishnu, contemplating upon the lotus feet of supreme Lord Mahadeva, spoke “ Lord Shiva with me and Ganas took an extensive journey through the Earth, finally arrived in this forest. Lord Mahadeva saw you grieving over the separation from Devi Sita, offered his salutation to you, and praised the virtues of you and Devi Mahalakshmi. He took a seat under the Banyan tree, was highly pleased to watch your personification as Rama and Lakshmana. I was besieged under the Maya of that Lord; I could not believe his words, so I have come to take a test on you at his command. Oh! Mahamathe, all my queries and qualms have vanished, how did that supreme Lord Mahadeva immensely devoted to you? Kindly explain to me for the welfare of the Universe and its people.” Oh! Vathsa, Rama’s lotus-like eyes shone like the freshly blown lotus flower, after listening to the words of Devi Sati, soon he was transported to the state of bliss contemplating upon that supreme Lord Mahadeva.”